Thursday, October 20, 2005

1. What was Red’s invention this week?
Red built a heater driveway with an oven and a wire netting. He connected them with a couple of booster cables.

2. Why did Green need to be protected by Red?
Because Green tried to have a date with a girl but her boy friend didn’t appreciate it. So Red goes out to fight with the man but he came back very fast because he was afraid.

3. What was Bill’s adventure this week?
Bill and Green practiced ice fishing. Maybe it’s better to say they trying to practice ice fishing, because that was very difficult to make the hole in the ice.

4. How many times did Bill and green try to drill the hole in the ice?
They tried it tree times. The first time, Bill hit the ice with an axe but the ice was too thin. So the axe falls in the water. Later, Green bring an other axe but this time, the ice was too hard. Finally, they finished the work with a drill.

5. What is the slogan of the anonymous man?
The slogan is: I am a man, I know I have to change, I will change, may be. That’s make me laugh because they look very sad when they said it.

Words count: 216
This episode of The Red Green Show was very funny, but a little bit stupid. For the week invention, Red built his home-made beer machine. He used a washing machine and a fridge. He mixed all the ingredients in the washing machine. Later, the beer goes in the fridge and shot out of them at the opposite side. So the fridge was there just to give more style and make a bigger machine. That was funny because the machine really worked. For the adventure of Bill, he showed how to change a tire of his van. But he doesn’t have the good tools. That’s make me laugh because that was so difficult. Bill was very frustrated.

Words count: 122
For this english homework, I choose a TV show called The Red Green Show. This is a very funny show. You can watch it the Tuesday at 12h pm at CBC channel. The name of the main characters is Red and Green. Green looks like nerds with big black glasses and stretch hair. Red is older. I think he can be the father of Green. Red is little shortest then Green and he have white hair with a big beard. A couple of friends come in the show to make some activities with Red or Green. At all emissions, Red present his invention of the week. After that, u has the Bill adventure. This is a very funny part.
I recommend u this Show if u want to have fun.

words count: 130